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How to draw cats and kittens. Drawing Lessons for kids.

At this drawing lesson we shall learn how to draw cats by pencil. For starting to draw a cat take a pencil and follow step by step picture of the cat.  

We will need for drawing:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Drawing
  • Art Paper

How to draw cat face . 

Eyes - the most expressive part of the cat's face. To draw cat eyes look alive and realistic: paint by dark tone, and the gradually make eyes more softly. White patch of reflected light creates effect shine of cat’s eyes.

How to draw cats

Draw two plane circles by your pencil. The vertical line in the middle will help you to draw symmetric details on cat’s face. Now we start to learn how correctly to draw cat’s eyes. Cat has two oval eyes. Cats can see in the dark and this ability helps them to be good night predators.

Draw cat’s nose with the small turned triangle. Lines which you draw will help you to sketch correctly eyes and ears. Then correct the form of the nose with soft lines. Draw cat’s mouth as turned Latin letter Y. Erase all draft lines you don’t need. Fill face of the cat with pale color.

How to draw cats in movement

Cats are very motile and fast creatures. To represent movement of cats is not so easy, because they move extremely quickly and can show many poses. Start drawing with simple sketch of the general outlines of shapes moving cat. If its pose was drawing too static, put aside this sketch and try again later. Work with drawing of the cat till it will be similar to real running cat.

How to draw cats in movement

A little bit exaggerated dynamism of these drawing lines helps to create sensation of movement. Now, when you draw the general outlines of the cat, designate contours of cat’s body with simple geometrical figures. You can use for it  a soft pencil and do not press it  too much : lines should be pale and thin. Correct lines of your drawing and make them more precisely.

Before to start coloring the cat, erase all wrong lines. Paint over the cat with pale - beige color. Put the second layer of the colour   on parts of cat’s body down the picture  . Now you can ad  brown lines on the cat’s back . And you draw tabby.  Tabby cats have fur with dark strips and spots. First put a layer of the basic color.

How to draw cat’s fur

Then paint a strip on the fur which repeat bends of the  cat’s body. The fur gives to cats effect of   volume. Draw cat fur on its back and paws. At night the white fur shining in dark blue.

If you want to draw such dynamical pose remember about  one drawing   idea.   The body  and hind legs  of the  cat should be extended in all length, the head settles down on one line with hinder legs. This is excellent way to show, that the cat can keep the balance very well.

How to draw kitten

How to draw kittens

If you compare kitten and adult cats you can notice that kitten’s body and face are chubbier and o-shaped. The kitten’s head is bigger in relation to proportions of the body. The distance between lobbies and hinder legs is less. Kittens are looked by clumsier and not such graceful, as adult cats. You can use this way when you want to draw newborn kitten.  

If you want to ad some  feature to your picture you can draw cats in the hat or cat with whiskers on the  face. Now you knew how to draw cats and kitten. Good luck!

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